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Memo from Ed Cassidy to Executive Committee Members, regarding minutes of executive meeting held on 4 May 1986 in Dallas, May 7, 1986
Memo from Jim Arnold to George Bayoud and others regarding Governor Mark White's criticism of Schlumberger company, July 22, 1986
Memo to Karl Rove from Milo Burdette, April 7, 1981
Group of documents regarding Alliance '81, September-October 1981
Transcript of Governor William P. Clements, Jr. Press Conference, February 13, 1981
Memorandum from Allen B. Clark to Bill Clements, June 1, 1981
Memo from Tony Proffitt to Karl Rove, August 4, 1982
Memorandum from Rich Thomas to George Strake, Jim Francis, Pat Oles, Karl Rove, and B.D. Daniel regarding BBR Report on Texas Economy, September 2, 1982
Letter from the Texas Eagle Forum to William P. Clements, Jr. with attached memos, 1982
Handwritten Memo from Lee Russell to Karl Rove, undated
Minutes from Briefing with Karl Rove, May 28, 1981
Memo from Newt Gingrich to Karl Rove regarding Congressional Budget Fight, May 3, 1980
Telephone message from Walter Durham to Karl Rove, July 22, 1981
Memo from Joe Kirven to Karl Rove, August 17, 1981
Memo from Jack M. Rains to Karl Rove regarding Billboards, November 5, 1985
Memorandum from Pat Hartgrove to Karl Rove, June 3, 1981
Memorandum from Paul T. Wrotenbery to Karl Rove titled "CETA Special Grants to Governors in 1982," August 20, 1981
Memo from Jim Arnold to George Bayoud and others regarding Schlumberger Limited, July 24, 1986
Memo from Paul Edwards to Karl Rove regarding Some closing thoughts, April 29, 1981
Memo from George Bayoud to Pat Oles and Karl Rove, October 6, 1982