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Letter from John Silber to William P. Clements, Jr., December 6, 1983
Draft Report: Information for the General Public, December 12, 1980
Draft Internal Report titled "Legislative Priorities"
Memo from Allan B. Clark to William P. Clements regarding New Revised Draft for Teachers, May 8, 1979
Draft report: Health Services, December 1, 1980
Draft of Texas Employee Handbook, January 9, 1981
Draft of the Governor's Statement on Education, July 29, 1988
Draft versions of letter prepared for William P. Clements, regarding discussing Nixon's Campaign in Dallas, July 8, 1968
Correspondence between William P. Clements, Jr. and The Honorable Lee Teng-hui, President of the Republic of China and Shih-cheng Chang, Director General, January 14 -28, 1988
Letter from Governor Bill Clinton to William P. Clements, May 7, 1979
Report titled "Security in Central America", draft 2, [circa December  1983]
Draft outline titled "Texas 2000," November 29, 1979
Draft letter from William P. Clements Jr. to State of Texas Board Appointee, undated
Draft Report: Information for Disabled Persons, December 12, 1980
Report by Susan Fischer, regarding Texas Commission on the Status of Women, January 4, 1979
Memorandum from the Office of the Governor to Polly Sowell, April 21, 1982
News release from Bill Clements for Governor regarding Governor Mark White and Texas Higher Education, October 30, 1986
Group of documents regarding refugees, January 1981 - February 1981
Draft of report titled "Texas 2000 Commission, Recommendations", November 6, 1981
Draft letter regarding Governor Clements' position on busing, February 5, 1980