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News release from Texas Democratic Party Chairman Bob Slagle, "Texans to Clements: Divest or Lead Company Out of Libya," undated
Remarks made by Bill Clements to the Greater Dallas Crime Commission, February 12, 1970
Memo from Allen Clark to William P. Clements Jr., regarding Answering letters on Cuban Refugees in East Texas, February 17, 1981
Appointment letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to Secretary of State, Jack Rains, May 16, 1988
Memo from B.D. Daniel to George Strake, January 21, 1980
Appointment letter from William P. Clements to Secretary of State, David A. Dean, June 10, 1982
Campaign press release on William P. Clements's Testimony before Special Legislative Session on Taxation, July 18, 1978
Memo from Polly Sowell to William P. Clements regarding Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (GCEH), Recommendations, October 19, 1981
List of Recommendations from the Select Committee on Higher Education, March, 23 1987
William P. Clements meeting notes, February 1973 - February 1974
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements era to end Tuesday as White takes reins," January 17, 1983
Newspaper clipping headlined "78-degree setting saves state $180,000," October 5, 1979
Memo from George Strake to William P. Clements, Jr., June 24, 1980
Governor Addressing Graduation Class June 10, 1982
Correspondence between William P. Clements and John D. Rockefeller IV, March 29 to May 5, 1982
Letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to John Stover, May 7, 1982
Appointment Letter from William P. Clements to David Dean, June 24, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements: Accord may arrest prison suit,"  November 14, 1981
Memo from Rich Thomas to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding November 3rd ballot impact on maquiladoras, October 5, 1987
Summary of Appropriations Vetoes of the 1979 Session of the Texas Legislature, June 22, 1979