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Memorandum from Tim Lewis to Paul T. Wrotenbery titled "State Higher Education Assistance Fund," February 17,  1981
Letter from UT Board of Regents Chair Louis Beecherl, Jr., to William P. Clements, Jr., June 27, 1989
Memo from Jim Neale to George Bayoud, Mike Toomey, and Betsey Bishop, February 25, 1988
Constituent letter from Rita Clements regarding education, May 17, 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements praises ruling on bilingual issue," July 14, 1982
Memorandum from Tim Lewis to Paul T. Wrotenbery, May 18, 1979
Memorandum from Jarvis E. Miller to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., September 15, 1982
Correspondence between William P. Clements and William H. Arledge regarding the abolishment of the Career Ladder, February 19, 1987, and February 27, 1987
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements offers support to 'back to basics' in schools," June 16, 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined "White scolds Clements for property tax delay," April 29, 1982
Letter from Marjorie Arsht to Paul Wrotenbery, November 13, 1980
Letter from Cynthia G. Brown, United States Department of Education, to Mark White, January 15, 1981
Press release regarding the creation of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Education, June 7, 1979
Memorandum from Paul Wrotenbery to Winfree Brown, February 20, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined “Events aid Clements push,” March 15, 1986