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Campaign Press Release Criticizing Texas Farm Worker's Union's Campaign Against "Right to Work," July 25, 1978
Memorandum from Tom Reed to Bill Keener regarding Campaign Schedule, June 14, 1978
Letter from Peter O'Donnell, Jr. to Thomas C. Reed with attached memo from Shirley L. Abbott to O'Donnell regarding observations on the Clements campaign, March 23, 1978
Address by William P. Clements, Jr., Governor-Elect, State Republican Executive Committee Meeting, regarding plans for his administration, December 9, 1978
Letter from John D. Torrey to Bob Hill, January 27, 1978
Letter from Ray Hutchison to Bill Clements concerning the employment of Kay B. Hutchison, February 9, 1977
Memo from Lyn Nofziger to Mike Deaver, May 26, 1978
Letter to the editor of the Austin American Statesman from Carroll E. Cook concerning the Panama Canal
Notes on a William P. Clements, Jr., campaign trip, undated
Correspondence regarding Channel 13 Gubernatorial Debate Date Change, October 27, 1977
Virginia Supreme Court Ruling on Petition for Appeal of Dillin v. Clements, February 18, 1977
Letter from Bill Keener to Charles Greenleaf, August 24, 1978
Notes on John Hill campaign speech, October 9, 1978
Memo from Bill (Keener) to Martha, July 11, 1978
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements issues denial of 2 Proxmire charges," July 14, 1978
Correspondence between Fernando Centeno and William P. Clements, November 28, 1978 thru December 5, 1978
Flowchart of Campaign Organization, undated
Memo from Nola Haerle to Bill Keener regarding Schedule Conflict, September 29, 1978
Instructional materials for Clements campaign workers titled Organization and Political Activity, undated
Memo from WDE to Omar Harvey critiquing the Clements campaign, February 21, 1978