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Card from George Bush to William P. Clements and Rita Crocker-Clements, July 9, 1980
Letter from Dolph Briscoe to Rita Clements, December 22, 1986
Memo from Polly Sowell to Rita Clements regarding Lupe's proposal from TDCA, December 12, 1980
Memo from Ed Cassidy to Executive Committee Members, regarding minutes of executive meeting held on 4 May 1986 in Dallas, May 7, 1986
Memo from Ed Cassidy to William P. Clements et al. regarding scheduling priorities in the primary, February 15, 1986
Letter from William H. Cunningham to William P. Clements, Jr. and Rita Clements, March 21, 1986
May 5, 1980 memo from Richard Collins to William P. Clements, Rita Clements, H.R. Bright, Peter O'Donnell, and Jim Francis
Memorandum from Dary Stone to Rita Clements regarding Talking Points for Regional Chairmen's Meeting, February 2, 1982
Memo from Joanne Lay to Rita Clements, August 8, 1979
Letter from Mark White, William Hobby, and Gibson Lewis to William and Rita Clements, June 25, 1985
Memo from Richard Collins to William P. Clements, Rita Clements, H.R. Bright, Peter O'Donnell, and Jim Francis, May 20, 1980
Memo from Lupe Anguiano, to Texas Advisory Council on Employment, Training and Welfare Reform regarding Dissemination of NWEE-Model Program, June 9, 1981
Letter from Carl F. Thorne to Bill and Rita Clements, November 19, 1990
Memo from Robert Milne to Rita Clements and Polly Sowell, July 24, 1981
Itinerary titled RCC (Rita Crocker-Clements) Roadshow, October 2 - 6, 1978
Memorandum from Joann Cook to Rita Crocker-Clements, August 30, 1982
Letter from Carla Francis to William P. Clements Jr. and Rita Crocker-Clements, regarding "Gonna Go to Austin!" Song Lyrics, undated
Memo from Linda Howell to Rita Clements regarding United Nations Day: October 24, 1980, April 10, 1980
Memo from Dary Stone to William P. Clements, Rita Clements, T. Boone Pickens, Peter O'Donnell, Bobbie Biggart, George Bayoud regarding Working meeting, June 17, 1982
Group of documents regarding William P. Clements Jr.'s campaign calendar approved by William P. Clements, Jr., June 1, 1978