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Letter from Bob Bullock to William P. Clements regarding autographed photo, April 2, 1987
Memo from Linda Howell to Janie Harris regarding White House Conference on Families, April 1, 1980
Letter from Jim Hendricks to Homer Foerster, August 7, 1980
Letter from Shirley to Janie Harris, April 24, 1986
Memorandum from Nancy Doehne to Janie Harris, May 1, 1979
Group of documents regarding the "Clements Clause" in the 1977 Panama Canal Treaties, May 1983-December, 1986
Memo from Joann Cook to Janie Harris regarding personal accounts for Governor and Mrs. Clements, February 2, 1979
Memo for William P. Clements, January 23, 1976
Telex from Walter H. Etherington to Janie Harris and response telex from Janie Harris to Walter H. Etherington, February 7, 1984
Letter from W.C. Lust to Janie Harris, October 10, 1986
Letter from David Browning, Secretary and General Counsel of Schlumberger, to William P. Clements, January 18, 1985
Memo from Anne DeBois to Janie Harris requesting funds to cover expenses, April 23, 1990
Group of documents regarding Vietnamese refugees, February - March, 1981
Memo from David Dean to Janie Harris regarding Governor Clements' Memberships, April 28, 1980
Memorandum from Bill Keener to William P. Clements Regarding Carolyn Barta, August 9, 1978
Memorandum from Gloria Turner to Janie Harris, July 10, 1981
Memo from Janie Harris to William P. Clements, Jr., April 24, 1987
Letter from Marilyn Patterson to William P. Clements, Jr., June 19, 1985