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Group of documents related to William P. Clements, Jr., campaign phone bank for Republican primary, 1986
Press release concerning poll results and Bill Clements
Campaign Newsletter titled "Clements Times," August 25, 1978
Spanish language campaign promotional brochure for Governor William P. Clements, Jr., 1982
Press release from Clements Campaign regarding the Texas Federation of Teachers, August 13, 1982
News Release from Clements for Governor regarding Panama Canal treaty, undated
List of Clements for Governor Campaign Committee State Headquarters Staff, 1982
Notes titled, "Description of Hispanic Campaign Division"
Campaign press release on William P. Clements's Testimony before Special Legislative Session on Taxation, July 18, 1978
Memo from Clements for Governor Committee Scheduling to Research regarding briefing materials for Texas Farm Bureau meeting with William P. Clements, July 27, 1978
Press release from Bill Clements for Governor titled "Bill Clements' Position on Government Spending and the Budget", September 5, 1986
Report titled "Christian Right", June 23, 1986
News release from the Clements for Governor Campaign Committing regarding election results, November 10, 1978
Meeting Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, July 14, 1986
News release announcing William P. Clements, Jr., campaign event with former President Gerald Ford and Governor Ronald Reagan, September 6, 1978
Press release concerning taxes
Press release from Bill Clements for Governor regarding "Campaign Manager Calls White's Ad an Ad of Factual Mistakes", October 8, 1986
Staff List, June 13, 1978
Campaign promotional tabloid "Clements Express," September 21, 1982
Political advertisement titled "Taxpayers bill of rights"