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Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements blitzes Triangle," October 7, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Bush pledges cooperation with Clements," September 28, 1986
Letter from Loret M. Ruppe and David R. Scotton to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., January 28, 1981
Letter from Henry Bellmon, Governor of Oklahoma, to William Banowsky, President of the Superconducting Super Collider Authority, February 19, 1988
Memo from Omar to Scott regarding Direct Mail Fund Raising
Memorandum from Bill Keener to Nola Haerle regarding George Bush, June 6, 1978
List of Texas Inaugural Committee members
Governor Clements' Diary for October 30, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Dallas picked for GOP convention," June 18, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements says his voice heard in VP choice," July 17, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Bush contributes $10,000 to Clements campaign," May 23, 1986
Schedule for Clements for Governor dinner, September 12, 1978
Memo from Margaret Spearman to William P. Clements regarding an update on International Ports of Entry, September 18, 1990
Governor Clements' Diary for October 31, 1980
Agenda for weekly working meeting, September 15, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Bush calls for ouster of White," September 29, 1986
Schedule for "Roundup for Reagan/Bush" campaign event, October 31, 1980-November 1, 1980
Organization flowchart titled "Reagan/Bush Victory Campaign," August 12, 1980
Memo to Omar Harvey regarding Grover Candidacy, February 2, 1978
Letter from Libba Barns to William P. Clements, Jr. and Rita Crocker-Clements, September 5, 1980