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Press release regarding remarks by First Lady Rita Clements for Women in Texas Week news conference, November 16, 1989
Photograph of Rita Crocker Clements, undated
Photograph of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., and Rita Crocker Clements, undated
Letter to William P. Clements from John A. Hammack, February 11, 1987.
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Bill & Rita will tour five Soviet ag countries," August 28, 1979
Newspaper Clipping headlined "Clements plans a 'grass roots' campaign; hopes for White re-match," February 9, 1986
Memo from Allan Clark to William P. Clements regarding Mansion Renovation, September 3, 1980
Speech by William P. Clements, Jr. for Republican Convention, Keynote Speaker, September 9, 1978
Photograph of William P. Clements, Rita Crocker Clements, and others, Houston, Texas, February 3, 1986
Campaign Schedule Calendar for William P. Clements and Rita Crocker-Clements, August to November 1986, August 14, 1986
Memo from Mit Spears to Doug Brown regarding Dam Dedication--Brazos River Authority, September 25, 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined "Texas First Lady: Priorities are well-defined," October 30, 1980
Certificate from Texas Secretary of State George Strake, Jr., certifying Rita Clements as wife of William P. Clements, Jr., Governor of Texas, January 23, 1979
Document titled "Governor and Mrs. Clements Scheduling - How to Have Maximum Positive Impact"
Memo from Polly Sowell to Rita Crocker-Clements regarding tour, May 21, 1982
Memo from Dary Stone to Linda Howell addressing nepotism and state appointees, November 2, 1979
Photo of William P. Clements, Jr., and others at the Border Governors Conference, June 21, 1979
Press Release regarding the Tourism Division of the Texas Department of Commerce, January 28, 1988
Photo of William P. Clements Jr. and Rita Crocker-Clements in Mexico (25 of 26), August 14, 1979
Memo from Bill (Keener) to Martha, July 11, 1978