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Memo from Scott Carruth to Rider Scott regarding TDCJ Admissions vs Releases, July 9, 1990
Confidential memo from Knox Fitzpatrick to Rider Scott regarding Operation Unity II and Task Force Guardian, March 21, 1989
Memo from Barry McBee and Duke Millard to Rider Scott regarding Critical Dates for Gubernatorial Action, May 11, 1989
Briefing Document: Emergency Funding, Ruiz Related Compliance, February 16, 1987
Letter from Richard Bean to Rider Scott, March 19, 1990
Letter from Jerry Belcher to Rider Scott regarding the Crime Victims Compensation Payout Certification, May 15, 1990
Correspondence between William J. Bennett, William P. Clements, and Rider Scott regarding illegal narcotics activity, 1989
Letter from Robinson Risner to William P. Clements, September 21, 1989
Letter from Henry B. Keene to Rider Scott, March 4, 1988
Memo from Marcy Holloway to Rider Scott regarding Governor's Constitutional Veto Power, February 11, 1988
Memo from Glenn Brooks to Rider Scott and Knox Fitzpatrick regarding Project D.A.R.E., September 29, 1989
Letter from the Open Government Section of the Opinion Committee to Rider Scott regarding public disclosure for certain information, February 24, 1989
Memo from Stephanie Ebert Nooner to Rider Scott, Mary Jane Manford, and Debbie Geistweidt, October 11, 1990
Memo from Duke Millard to Rider Scott, March 7, 1988
Memo from Jon R. Alworth, to Rider Scott, and Pete Wassdorf, September 24, 1987
Correspondence between Rider Scott and Carol A. Sullivan, July 13 - August 3, 1987
Letter from David Spencer to Rider Scott regarding Plan to Relieve Jail and Prison Overcrowding, June 17, 1988
Memo to Duke Millard from Rider Scott, April 5, 1988
Memo from Gilbert Pena to Rider Scott regarding United States-Mexico Treaty Transfer Program, April 25, 1989
Memo from Knox Fitzpatrick to Rider Scott regarding San Marcos ISD, September 19, 1990