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Chart titled 7 Target County Quotas, 1978
Comparison Major Funds Estimated Expenditures, etc., 1979
Memo from Scott Carruth to Rider Scott regarding TDCJ Admissions vs Releases, July 9, 1990
Group of documents regarding Governor William P. Clements, Jr., press materials, March 5, 1980-March 14, 1980
Memo from Leonard Sullivan, Jr. regarding the Iceland Cod War and its relevance with attached point paper and analysis, July 1973
Memo from Jack M. Rains to William P. Clements, February 16, 1988
Memo from Paul Wrotenbery to Doug Brown regarding conferences sponsored by state agencies with possible political motivation or implications, July 11, 1980
Group of documents regarding Texas Department of Criminal Justice construction of new facilities, March 1990-April 1990
Letter to The President (Bush) from Peter O'Donnell, December 17, 1990
Chart titled "A Comparison of the Simpson/Mazzoli Bill, the Administration's Bill, and the NCA Policy Position," undated
Memo from Scott Rider to Knox Fitzpatrick, June 20, 1990
Memo from Jan Lindsey to Executive Management regarding Habitual Offenders Profile, April 9, 1981
Memo from Jarvis E. Miller to William P. Clements regarding Salaries of University Presidents, March 31, 1982
News release from V. Lance Tarrance and Associates regarding recent election analysis
Report on SEDCO, Inc. and Subsidiaries, 1972-1977
Group of documents related to William P. Clements, Jr. Republican primary campaign, 1986
Agenda for Texas 2000 Steering Committee Meeting, Tentative Agenda, December 2, 1980
Correspondence between Beryl Buckley Milburn and John T. Potter of Texas Legislative Council regarding Clements inauguration ceremony, December 1978
Memorandum from Paul T. Wrotenbery to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., April 20, 1981
Memo from Rider Scott to Jim Arnold regarding TDC 1988-1989 Budget, April 10, 1987