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Resolution No. 80-R-37, September 4, 1980
Group of documents regarding the Texas Association of Builders' support for political candidates, March 1980-August 1980
Letter from Rick Perry to William P. Clements, Jr. with attachments, January 10, 1990
Memorandum from Janie Harris to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., April 4, 1979
Group of documents regarding the State Pension Review Board, August-October 1981
Correspondence between Pat Adams and William P. and Clements concerning the Upcoming Special Session, June 1 to 11, 1987
Proposed resolution for National Governor's Association, submitted by Governor William P. Clements, Jr., August 8, 1982
Resolution on Deregulation of Crude Oil Prices, undated
Minutes from the meeting of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Education, November 24, 1980
Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Nixon Finance Committee, August 1, 1968
Resolution by the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, June 26, 1981
Group of documents regarding a special session of the Texas Legislature on tax reform, July 18, 1978
A Resolution Submitted by William P. Clements to the National Governors' Association regarding Support of Elimination of Windfall Profits Tax on Stripper Oil and Small Producers, February 1981
Joint Resolution titled, C.S.H.J.R. No. 33, undated
Fort Worth city council resolution supporting "depressed alternative" to IH-30 intersection rebuild, April 27, 1982
Group of documents regarding Governor's Education Budget and Save Our Schools, May 1987-August 1987
Letter from Bill Melton to Governor William Clements, Jr., October 8, 1982
Correspondence between Governor John Carlin and William P. Clements, Jr., January - February, 1980
Draft Concurrent Resolution, November 22, 1989
Resolution of the Republican Governor's Association regarding Maximizing Domestic Energy Production, offered by Governor William P. Clements, Jr., 1979