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Memo from Milo Burdette to Patrick Oles regarding the 308th Family District Court in Houston, December 12, 1981
Memo from David Herndon to Willis Whatley and Larry Craddock, regarding Texas Water Development Board, November 5, 1981-November 13, 1981
Memo from Lora Bennett to Pat Oles regarding Workers Compensation Advisory Committee, March 28, 1980
Memorandum from Bill Lauderback to Pat Oles, December 30, 1980
Memorandum from Governor William P. Clements, Jr., to Pat Oles, May 12, 1982
Memo from Martha Alworth to Tobin Armstrong and Pat Oles regarding State Employment and Training Council Chairman Jim Currey, January 25, 1982
Memorandum from Rich Thomas to George Strake, Jim Francis, Pat Oles, Karl Rove, and B.D. Daniel regarding BBR Report on Texas Economy, September 2, 1982
Memo from Carla Eudy to Pat Oles regarding Criminal District Judgeship in Harris County, June 8, 1982
Memo from Polly Sowell to Marilla Wood, Pat Oles, Jim Kaster, and Margo Branscomb, March 15, 1982
Memo from Donna Brock to Pat Oles regarding appointment of Donald Wallace, December 1, 1982
Memo from Jarvis E. Miller to Pat Oles regarding Appointments to Retirement System Boards, November 12, 1982
Memo from George Bayoud to Pat Oles and Karl Rove, October 6, 1982
Letter from Joe Kelly to Pat Oles regarding Judiciary, Fourth Supreme Judical District and Bexar County, Texas, July 28, 1981
Memo from Jon Alworth to Pat Oles regarding vetoes, September 13, 1982
Memo from Hilary Doran to Pat Oles regarding Medical Doctors' Relationship with Governor Clements, February 19, 1982
Memos from Jim Kaster and David A. Dean to Governor William P. Clements, Tobin Armstrong, and Pat Oles, December 31, 1980
Memo from Hilary B. Doran, Jr. to Pat Oles regarding medical doctors' relationship with Governor William P. Clements, Jr., February 19