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Press release from the Texas House of Representatives authored by Gib Lewis, February 19, 1987
Memo from Scott Carruth to the Criminal Justice Working Group, March 29, 1990, thru April 26, 1990
Memo from Scott Carruth to the Texas Criminal Justice Working Group, August 1, 1990
Report from William P. Clements to the 71st Legislature, May 1989
Minutes from the Meeting of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, November 28, 1990
Memo from Scott Carruth to Rider Scott regarding TDCJ Admissions vs Releases, July 9, 1990
Statement made by Bill Clements, June 9, 1982
Prison Financing and Construction Plan, State of Texas, July 1987
Newspaper clipping titled, "Prisons speed up early releases," October 23, 1986
Memo from Scott Rider to Knox Fitzpatrick, June 20, 1990
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Appropriation panel approves emergency prison construction," March 4, 1981
Remarks prepared for William P. Clements, Jr., regarding drugs and crime, undated
Memo from Rider Scott to George Bayoud, September 26, 1988
Newspaper clipping headlined "How Texas can begin to win war on crime", July 1, 1988
Minutes from the Governor's Staff Meeting, February 16, 1987
Memo from David Herndon to Bill Clements, July 2, 1982
Speech prepared for Bill Clements presentation to the Texas Probation Association on April 19, 1982
Transcript of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., press conference, May 13, 1982
Press Release titled "Governor Clements Receives Notice of Prison Crisis Resolution," March 3, 1987
TDC Plan for Increased Inmate Intake Due to Additional Capacity Slated for November, 1988 through March, 1990, undated