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Highway Cost Index Committee Meeting, July 9, 1982
Meeting Agenda for Congressman Joe Barton's meeting with William P. Clements, Jr., March 9, 1987
Agenda for the visit of the Governor of Chihuahua to Austin, April 27, 1981
Agenda for February 17, 1981, Meeting with Bay Shrimpers
Group of documents regarding Texas Department of Criminal Justice construction of new facilities, March 1990-April 1990
Agenda for Policy Committee Meeting, October 20, 1982
Letter from Bruce King to William P. Clements Jr., regarding the Southwest Border Regional Commission, December 29, 1980
Agenda for Texas 2000 Steering Committee Meeting, Tentative Agenda, December 2, 1980
Governor Clements' Diary for Monday, July 2, 1979
Agenda and minutes from the Governor's Senior Staff meeting, April 25, 1989
Agenda and minutes from the Governor's Senior Staff Meeting, March 28, 1989
Order of program for Victory '82 dinner and fundraiser, June 15, 1982, Houston, Texas
List of "Items offered Thursday", May 17, 1990
Agenda Item VI-C Allocation of Scholarship Funds, undated
Letter from former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger letter to William P. Clements, Jr., August 16, 1983
Governor Clements' Diary for Monday, July 30, 1979
Report regarding Information on "Board Effectiveness: A Seminar for Texas State Board Members" February 18, 1982-September 9, 1982
Letter and attached agenda from Randy Lee to Hilary Doran, January 8, 1982
Preliminary issues for March 21-22 Meeting Between Governor Villarreal and Governor Clements
State Affairs Committee of the Texas Senate: Agenda