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Correspondence between Representative Henry B. Gonzalez and Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding response to Ixtox I oil spill, August 14-September 24, 1979
Letter from Irene Iribarren Lopez-Rubio to William P. Clements regarding Guidepost article and trip to Spain, August 24, 1988
Magazine article titled "Restoration of the State Capitol," 1987
Article titled "Secretary Clements warns against 'euphoric' S.A.L.T. agreement," May 20, 1974
Interview in Economia Nacional titled "Entrevista con el gobernador de Texas, William P. Clements Jr.", undated
Article titled "'To change things, we've got to take the initiative ourselves,' says Texas first lady," in Women & Employment: The Newsletter of NWEE, National Women's Employment & Education, Inc. Vol. 3 No. 1-1981
Article by Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding his first year of administration, undated
Satirical news article headlined, "Dismemberment of victim shakes mother, neighbors," October 24
Magazine article headlined "Testing Time for Teachers: High scores in Texas," May 19, 1986
Article titled "Clements Vows 'Unhealthy' Climate for Lawbreakers," August 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined, "True Penal Reform Can Save Money" September 28, 1987
Article titled "Texans give Clements poor marks," Winter 1987
Article titled, "Sales tax financing of prison construction, private prisons draw favor," May 11, 1978
Magazine article titled "The UT Endowment,"  January/February 1987
Newspaper clipping headlined, "A call to arms for all Texans in the war against crime," May 15, 1988
Magazine article headlined "Controlling the Defense Budget," January 1976
Magazine article titled "Clements Flub," Insight, October 6, 1986
Magazine article titled "Leadership: Shaping a Quality Future for Texas," 1988
Magazine article headlined, "Clements Plays for High Stakes," November 1982
Magazine article headlined "Beyond the Quark: The Case for the Supercollider," April 30, 1989