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Summary of Sixty-Seventh Texas Legislature regarding Thirty-Three State Universities by element of cost, all funds, July 7, 1981
Group of documents regarding decrease of Governor's payroll, January 1980
Report titled "Executive Summary Transition Plan, JPTA and CDBG Programs Into Commerce", 1988
Group of documents Joe Kirven to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding a proposed Governor's Office of Small Business, June 1979-July 1979
Memo from Roy Hogan to Mr. Rhodes, regarding the Number of State Employees and Estimate of Savings by Reduction in Number of State Employees, February 5, 1979
Budget proposals for Texas deficit, with possible William P. Clements, Jr., response to each proposal, August 6, 1986
Transition Staff Salaries List
Memo from Rossanna Salazar to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., August 2, 1989
Annotated memo from Ben Gallant to Jim Francis regarding political advertisements targeting Christian voters, October 11, 1982
Report regarding Federal Grants-In-Aid to State Agencies: Office of the Governor, Fiscal Year 1979, undated
Letter from Wayne Thorburn to Thad Hutcheson, August 13, 1982
Comparison Major Funds: 1978-79 Estimated Expenditures vs. Governor Clements' Budget and Governor Clements' Budget vs. Legislative Budget Board Budget, undated
Memo from Eddie Aurispa to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding Texas Hispanic Media Effort, October 4, 1980
Memo from Jim Francis (Governor Clements Committee) to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding Budgets on Mexican Governor Visits, December 5, 1979
Agenda Item VI-C Allocation of Scholarship Funds, undated
Texas Commission on the Status of Women overview, 1978
Report regarding Analysis of the Governor's Veto Proclamation of June 14,1979, undated
Chart labeled "Comparison of Fiscal Year 1979 Budgeted with Recommended for the 1980-81 Biennium"
Governor's Office, Budget notebook, whole folder, part 5, 1980-82
Budget regarding a Comparison of Available Revenues and Governor Clements' Recommendations, February 21, 1979