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Report on the Governor's Committee on Aging, January 9, 1979
Report titled "Principal Campaign Issues A Summary for Governor Bill Clements", May 14, 1986
Group of documents regarding the study of parole and probation, May 16-20, 1980
Report titled "Undocumented Worker Guest Worker Program", undated
Uniform Parole Reports document titled "Characteristics of the Parole Population, 1978"
Report regarding Governor's Councils
News Release from the Office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr. regarding child support payments, October 26, 1982
Report titled "Campaign Confidential: Initiatives for the Economic Future of Texas", June 7, 1986
Outline of report for U.S National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, November 18, 1983
Statement titled "What to do with the marginals"
Report titled Explanation of Offenses Against Children Bill - S.B. 126, undated
Report titled "Texas 2000 Steering Committee", July 2, 1980
Report regarding William P. Clements Jr.'s meeting with Texas Association of Realtors, June 8, 1978
Report titled "Option for the Governor to Take Initiative Before Receiving Notification from DHEW of Noncompliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act"
Committee Report to the MBO Task Force: Guidelines for State Government Managers to Achieve an Optimum Work Force, October 3, 1980
SEDCO Interim Report for the Six Months ended December 31, 1972 and 1971, February 13, 1973
Report titled "Governor's Advisory Committee on Education—Ad Hoc Committee, Structural Issues," May 12, 1980
Group of Documents regarding waste disposal, June-December 1980
Report regarding William P. Clements, Jr.'s meeting with the Texas Public Employees Association, June 14, 1978
Memo from James B. Adams to William P. Clements, August 8, 1979