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Correspondence between Polly Sowell and Mrs. Mercedes V. Conner, June 8, 1982
Letter from Gary Pickle to Polly Sowell, June 3, 1982
Memo to William P. Clements from Bill Lauderback, regarding Task Forces Organization and Coordination, October 27, 1981 with attached memo from Hilary Doran to Polly Sowell, et al. regarding Task Forces, November 12, 1981
Memo from Margo Branscomb to Polly Sowell, May 24, 1982
Memo from Lee Russell to William P. Clements regarding Refugee Resettlement, July 15, 1982
Letter from Leland E. Roberts to Polly Sowell, November 12, 1981
Record and accomplishments regarding William P. Clements, Jr.'s position on the Equal Rights Amendment
Memo from Polly Sowell to Bill Clements, August 17, 1982
Memo from Lee Russell to Polly Sowell regarding a KKK March on June 12 in Seabrook-Kemah
Memo from Polly Sowell to Marillka Wood, et al., regarding the Volunteer Conference, March 15, 1982
Memo from Hilary Doran to Polly Sowell, July 26, 1982
Letter from Bill Clements to George Parker, July 8, 1982
Memo from Arthur Bernhard, Ken Carter, Tom Griebel, and Joe Pearce to Jarvis Miller, David Herndon, and Polly Sowell regarding the Blue Ribbon Commission, September 1, 1982
Memorandum from the Office of the Governor to Polly Sowell, April 21, 1982
Memo from Robert Milne to Rita Clements and Polly Sowell, July 24, 1981
Memo from Justin Dart to Polly Sowell and Dary Stone regarding Texas Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, March 22, 1982
Memo from Jim Kaster to Polly Sowell, February 5, 1982
Letter from the Texas Eagle Forum to William P. Clements, Jr. with attached memos, 1982
Memo from Margo Branscomb to Polly Sowell regarding Braniff Bankruptcy, June, 24 1982
Padre Island and Padre Nicolas Balli