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Letter from Alison Sant'Andrea to William P. Clements concerning Prayers for Peace in the Middle East, May 5, 1988
Department of Defense Intelligence Information Report regarding William P. Clements Jr, titled "Israel - the strongest power in the Middle East", October 21, 1976
Letter from Russell H. Perry to the Ambassador of Israel, February 3, 1978
Correspondence between Clyde Owan and William P. Clements, Jr., March 1980
Memo from Janie Harris to William P. Clements, January 17, 1978
Memo from William Beecher to William P. Clements regarding 1971 New York Times article, February 11, 1974
Memo from Richard Peyer for METG representatives regarding Visit of Israeli Minister of Defense to the Department of Defense, September 16, 1975