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Letter from S.M. True, Jr. to William P. Clements, Jr. with reply, July-August 1986
Letter from Bill Lauderback to William P. Clements regarding Special Advertising Section on Texas in Area Development Magazine, September 20, 1988
Letter from Irene Iribarren Lopez-Rubio to William P. Clements regarding Guidepost article and trip to Spain, August 24, 1988
Memo from William I. Greener to Bill Clements titled "Memorandum for Deputy Secretary of Defense Clements--Action Memorandum," February 11, 1976
Report titled "Department of Commerce - Texas Tourism: 1988 Summer Media Plan Overview"
Letter from Henry O. Dormann to William P. Clements, Jr., June 30, 1982
Memo from Tod R. Hullin to Bill Clements regarding an interview, April 22, 1976