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Transcript titled "Governor's Comments on Prison Suit Settlement talks," June 9, 1982
Briefing Document: Emergency Funding, Ruiz Related Compliance, February 16, 1987
Constituent letter from the Office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation funding, January 25, 1988
Newspaper clipping headlined, "High court affirms alien school rights," June 6, 1982
Letter from Mark Martin to Richard H. Lewis, March 2, 1977
Letter from George W. Beeby to Richard H. Lewis, October 21, 1975
Letter from Governor William P. Clements, Jr., to Attorney General Mark White, July 22, 1980
Deposition of Maurice Fogler, October 29, 1975
Deposition of William P. Clements, Jr., December 13, 1974
Letter from Richard H. Lewis to Marion Thomas, February 28, 1977
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Texas to sue U.S. for funds to teach aliens," July 23, 1980
Letter from Richard H. Lewis to C.J. Dekat, November 7, 1975
Texas Department of Community Affairs Pending Litigation, undated
Personal and confidential memo from Mark White to William P. Clements regarding Texas v. Watt, July 21, 1982
Newspaper clippings headlined, "Clements to Meet on Jail Suit," "Not Too Tough," "Clements Will Study Overcrowding in Jail," July 26, 1986
Newspaper clipping headlined, "U.S. will leave alien tuition to courts," September 9, 1981