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Statement titled "What to do with the marginals"
Memo from John Townsend and attached Request for Proposal (RFP) for establishment of Indochinese Refugee Education Center, March 10, 1980
Letter from L.E. Casterline, March 5, 1981
Report on Meeting with Shrimp Fishermen at Seabrook, Texas, March 28, 1980
Remarks made by Mr. Nguyen Van Nam, February 2, 1981
Report by the Marine Advisory Service of Texas A&M "Strangers in a Strange Land - A Delicate Balance", November 1979
Memo from William Harris to each Task Force agency and others, February 19, 1980
Report titled "The Campus Canvass", 1982
Report titled "When Governor Clements Comes to Your Campus", undated
Fact Sheet on Vietnamese fishing and signed treaty, March 1, 1981
Report by John Townsend regarding "Statement of Concensus" between Vietnamese and Gulf Coast residents, May 10, 1980
Group of documents regarding the admeasurement of fishing boats in coastal Texas, April 17 - 29, 1981
Report titled: "Regional Analysis", 1982
"Preserving the Vietnamese Culture Some General Concepts" by Phon Nguyenkhoa
Memo from Susan Goodman to Jim Kaster regarding second draft of the report of the task force on foreign investments in Texas, undated
Report titled "Up the Hard Core: How not to put volunteers to sleep," 1982
Report titled: "Scheduling - General Guidelines," 1982
Report titled "Preliminary Scheduling and Issue Plans," 1982
Report titled "Collegians for Clements," 1982
Official memo from Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding the 11th Annual National Convention of the National Black Women's Political Leadership Caucus, May 25, 1982