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Letter from Dary Stone to Chip Bamerger, June 5, 1979
Letter from attorney Donna Brorby to William LaRowe, director of Texas Center for Correctional Services, October 23, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements opens special session to prisons," Henderson Daily News, May 26, 1982
Letter to William P. Clements, Jr., from TDC inmate Emiliano F. Magana, March 26, 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined: "Clements orders prisons to open gates by Monday," May, 14, 1982
Letter from David A. Dean to William Wayne Justice regarding in camera inspection of correspondence, June 16, 1980
Letter from Emiliano Figueroa Magana to William P. Clements, Jr., (Dary Stone), May 1, 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined:"Prison reform keeps surfacing", March 29, 1982
Letter from prisoner Emiliano Figueroa Magana to William LaRowe of the Texas Center for Correctional Services
Letter from Ed Idar, Jr. to Donna Brorby regarding Emiliano Figueroa correspondence, December 4, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements compares White to Hitler", Tyler Courier-Times Telegraph, May 11, 1982
Letter from Bruce Lipshy to William P. Clements, Jr. with attached memos, August 26, 1982
Letter from Dary Stone to Emiliano F. Magan, April 3, 1979
Two letters from W.C. LaRowe to Dary Stone, April 1979
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Texas Prison System Meddling Brings Woes", May 23, 1982
Letter from WC LaRowe to Donna Brorby, november 10, 1980
Letter from William Bennett Turner to David A. Dean regarding correspondence between Emiliano Figueroa and the governor's office, June 3, 1980
Letter from David A. Dean to William Bennett Turner, May 14, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Texas prison system trying to keep inmates, courts happy," June 27, 1982