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Letters from William P. Clements, Jr. to John Hill, 1978
Correspondence between Jimmy Carter to William P. Clements regarding White House Conference on Families, May 9-June 12, 1979
Form letter in answer to pro-Carter letters
Letter from William P. Clements to President Jimmy Carter, March 13, 1980
Memo from Tex Lazar to Allen Clark regarding attached letter to William P. Clements, February 25, 1980
Telegram to William P. Clements From President Jimmy Carter, July 25, 1980
Memo from Richard English to Allen Clark regarding Carter, October 27, 1980
Letter from Jimmy Carter to William P. Clements, June 12, 1979
Statement regarding weekend gas station closing and rationing, May 24, 1979
Staff meeting notes, November 14, 1979
Speech to LTV defense contractors, October 27, 1978
Memo from Howard M. Richie to Paul T. Wrotenbery regarding Impact of President's Proposed Budget reduction, April 16, 1980
Suggested reply to letters and telegrams regarding weekend gas station closing and rationing, May 21, 1979
Speech by William P. Clements, Jr. for Republican Convention, Keynote Speaker, September 9, 1978
Correspondence between Reverend Daily and William P. Clements , December 11 to October 28, 1980
Statement made by the Governor, October 30, 1980, regarding comments made about President Carter in Texarkana
Newspaper clipping headlined "Riding Tall And Shooting From the Hip," February 28, 1979
Presidential and Gubernatorial election results by county in Texas, undated
Transcript of Bill Clements' speech at the Republican State Convention, September 10, 1982
Letter from Peter O'Donnell to William P. Clements regarding President Carter and the Superconducting Super Collider, May 12, 1989