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Memo from David A. Dean, Jim Kaster, and Paul Wrotenbery to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding State Funding for Juvenile Probation Subsidies, September 12, 1980
Memo to Jim Cicconi regarding funding for Attorney General's organized crime "strike force," December 13, 1978
Comparison of Approvals/Denials of Paroles From Two Independent Studies By the Governor's Division of Criminal Justice and the Board of Pardons and Paroles Data Processing Division
Position Paper titled "Overcrowding at the Texas Department of Corrections", 1981
Analysis of Parole Approvals and Denials in the First 20 Months of the Clements' Administration March 30, 1981
Memo from Blake Hazlett to the Executive Management Board, April 9, 1981
Correspondence between Joy S. Burgum and Pete Wassdorf regarding the proposed pre-release facility, January 22 to February 1, 1988
Letter from David Herndon to Steve Dial, December 1, 1981
Memo from Jim Kester to Willis Whatley, September 23, 1980
Bill Analysis on Wiretap Bill, October 17, 1980
Memo from William Whatley to David Dean, November 28, 1981
Memo from Paul T. Wrotenbery to William P. Clements regarding Juvenile Probation Issue, September 17, 1980
Press release regarding Texas Crime Poll, January 6, 1981