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Memo from David Dean to J.E. "Buster" Brown, March 6, 1981
Memo from Bill Hamilton to Bill Stewart et al. regarding Response to National Governors' Association Questionnaire, April 30, 1982
Memo from Bill Lauderback to Hillary Doran and Jim Francis regarding Mayor's Advisory Committee, August 31, 1982
Memo from Arthur Bernhard, Ken Carter, Tom Griebel, and Joe Pearce to Jarvis Miller, David Herndon, and Polly Sowell regarding the Blue Ribbon Commission, September 1, 1982
Memo from David Herndon to Ray Huffines and Hilary Doran, June 17, 1982
Memo from Johnny R. McCollum, to David A. Dean, regarding Proposed Orders in Ruiz v. Estelle Prison Suit, 13 March 1981
Official Memorandum by William P. Clements establishing Dia de Amistad Texas-Tamaulipas, March 26, 1980
Memo from Tim Cole to Knox Fitzpatrick regarding Role of the Family in Reducing Recidivism, November 6, 1990
Memo from Polly Sowell to Marilla Wood, Pat Oles, Jim Kaster, and Margo Branscomb, March 15, 1982
Memo from Janet Barkley-Booher to Dr. Miller, May 25, 1982
Letter from Mark White to Oscar Mauzy April 29, 1981, regarding parole
Memo from Jarvis E. Miller to Pat Oles regarding Appointments to Retirement System Boards, November 12, 1982
Memo from David Herndon to Hilary Doran, July 15, 1982
Memo from Luis Vera to Bill Keener regarding LULAC Function, La Villita Assembly, August 10, 1978
Memo from Jim Neale to George Bayoud, Mike Toomey, and Betsey Bishop, February 25, 1988