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Statement made by Bill Clements, June 9, 1982
Memo from David Herndon to Bill Clements, July 2, 1982
Group of documents regarding anti-crime legislation, June 1981
Memo from B.D. Daniel to William P. Clements, Jr., May 19, 1982
News Release from the Office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr. regarding five anti-crime proposals, September, 1982
Memo from Arthur Bernhard, Ken Carter, Tom Griebel, and Joe Pearce to Jarvis Miller, David Herndon, and Polly Sowell regarding the Blue Ribbon Commission, September 1, 1982
Memo from Reggie Bashur to William P. Clements, May 29, 1989
News release written for Bill Clements, June 9, 1982
Memo from Janet Barkley-Booher to Dr. Miller, May 25, 1982
Committee on the Role of Family in Reducing Recidivism 1989-1990
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Phone company urges Legislature revise part of wiretap law," July 8, 1981
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Rep. Cofer faults Clements' wiretap bill," April 3, 1981
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Anti-crime legislation, including wiretap bill, signed into law," June 2, 1981