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Memo from David Herndon to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding Congressional Hearing on Matagorda Island, May 24, 1982
Memo from Jan Lindsey to Willis Whatley, regarding Differences Between May 16, 1980 Parole Study and September 5, 1980 Update, September 16, 1980
Memo from David Herndon to William P. Clements Jr., regarding Bilingual Education Ruling, July 13, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined "White, Clements woo black voters in Dallas," June 24, 1982
Executive Order Establishing the Texas Commission on the Status of Women, August 17, 1977
Governor's Task Forces and Committees, August 2, 1982
Group of documents regarding the study of parole and probation, May 16-20, 1980
Memo from David A. Dean, Jim Kaster, and Paul Wrotenbery to William P. Clements, Jr. regarding State Funding for Juvenile Probation Subsidies, September 12, 1980
Letter from Melvin Rowland to William P. Clements, May 14, 1981
Memo from David Herndon to William P. Clements regarding Garnishment or Assignment of Wages for Child Support, September 3, 1982
Memos from Paul T. Wrotenbery and David A. Dean to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding Special Audit Group Activity for North Texas State University, August 9 and August 15, 1979
Letter to William P. Clements form the Office of the Commissioner Court of Dallas, Texas, July 23, 1981
Executive Order 25, September 21, 1981
Bill Analysis on the Amendment of Aggravated Rape and Aggravated Sexual Abuse Laws, undated
Letter from U.S. Secretary of Interior James Watt to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., September 16, 1980
Letter from James B. Adams to William P. Clements, April 2, 1981
Proclamation by Dolph Briscoe, establishing the USS Texas Liaison Committee, March 23, 1977
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Senate passes bill to limit probation use," March 13, 1981
Report regarding Governor's Councils
Memo from Chuck Bailey to Willis Whatley regarding Comparison of H.B. 730 and C.S.H.B. 730, March 26, 1981