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Draft Outline: Strategy for Competition, undated
Memo from Kenneth M. Carr regarding Spare Parts Buy for F-111, June 6, 1973
Daily schedules for William P. Clements, Jr., October 1975-January 1976
Notes by William P. Clements, Jr., on Grumman Aerospace Corporation, December 22, 1972
William P. Clements Day Planners, 1973-1977
Letter from William P. Clements to Stuart Symington, August 1, 1973
Memo from James P. Wade to the Secretary of Defense regarding SALT (U), November 16, 1973
Letter from Peter O'Donnell to William P. Clements, September 12, 1974
Notes regarding Agustsson for his visit
Memorandum for Deputy Secretary of Defense regarding Budget Outlay Cuts to Offset Inflation, November 12, 1974
Letter from R.W. Gutmann, Director of U.S. General Accounting Office, to the Secretary of Defense, January 14, 1974
Memo for the Deputy Secretary of Defense General Counsel, Department of Defense, regarding Grumman Aerospace Corporation, March 1, 1973
Draft Memorandum for the President regarding Defense Resource Management Issues, August 10, 1974
Memo from Leonard Sullivan, Jr. regarding the Iceland Cod War and its relevance with attached point paper and analysis, July 1973
Letter from Douglas Houston to Bill Clements, February 3, 1974,
Correspondence between Bobbie Biggart and William P. Clements, April 12-23, 1973
Letter from Tom B. Rhodes to William P. Clements, December 16, 1975
Letter from Harry S. Redmon, Jr. to Richard H. Lewis, May 28, 1975
Memo from Janie for William P. Clements, January 23, 1973
Memo for Record of Meeting between McDonnell-Douglas and Navy, April 20, 1973