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Letters exchanged between Marlin W. Johnston of the Texas Department of Human Resources and constituent regarding Lester Roloff child care facilities, June 1979-July 1979
Notes on Senior Staff Meeting held Wednesday, August 13, 1980
Memo from Milo Burdette and Johnny McCollum to David A. Dean regarding Texas Department of Human Resources Building
Press release from the Office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr. regarding the Early Childhood Intervention Program, November 13, 1981
News release from Office of the Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding Attorney General Mark White's recent opinions, January 17, 1980
Memo from David A. Dean, Dary Stone, Paul Wontenbery, to William P. Clements, January 17, 1980
Letter from Marlin W. Johnston to the Honorable Terry Bray, April 19, 1979
Staff meeting notes, March 31, 1982
Memo from Janet S. Barkley-Booher to Paul T. Wrotenbery regarding Second Attorney General Opinion Request on the Department of Human Resources Building Rider, November 9, 1979
Letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to Joseph A. Califano, Jr., March 19, 1979
Handwritten notes on Clements' Program for the State Budget, May 7, 1986
Two memos to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding responses to Attorney General Mark White's opinions, September 26-September 27, 1979
Briefing for Governor William P. Clements, Jr., press conference questions, February 29, 1980
Letter from William P. Clements Jr. to Marlin Johnston, September 12, 1980
Staff meeting notes, October 5, 1979
Letter from Waggoner Carr to William P. Clements, July 7, 1980
Letter from Wilford J. Forbush to John Townsend, April 14, 1981
Memo from David A. Dean to William P. Clements regarding Brother Roloff, April 23, 1979
Letter from Mark White to William P. Clements Jr., January 18, 1980
Appointment letter from William P. Clements to Secretary of State, George Bayoud, January 19, 1990