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Memo from David Herndon to William P. Clements regarding Congressional Redistricting Lawsuit Proposed Settlement, 19 November 1981
Memo from David Dean to William French Smith regarding redistricting, November 30, 1981
Press release from office of William P. Clements Jr. regarding redistricting, March 5, 1982
Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Texas, June 18, 1981
Correspondence between David Dean and Mark White, February 23, 1982
Redistricting 1991 Planning, IV. July 1989 Briefing Book, Texas Legislative Council
Correspondence between William P. Clements, Jr. and Neil V. Sternberg, June 1981
Notes on Staff Meeting Held Tuesday, May 26, 1981
Letter from William P. Clements to Mark White, February 2, 1982
Press Release from the Office of the Secretary of State regarding redistricting plans, December 23, 1981
Notes with key points for Press Conference, October 23, 1981
Memo from Jim Kaster to William P. Clements regarding redistricting, February 22, 1982
Briefing for press conference, December 3, 1981
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements vows to continue fight against deposition," December 3, 1981
Transcript from press conference by William Clements, July 16, 1981
Letter from Richard Gray III to Governor William P. Clements, Jr., with legal opinion, March 5, 1982
Memo from Wayne Thorburn to George Bayoud regarding Redistricting, May 14, 1981
Newspaper clipping headlined "Gov. Clements off base", February 9, 1982
Memo from Chris Shields to William P. Clements regarding 1990 Census Redistricting Data Program, November 27, 1989
Newspaper clipping headlined, "More Republicans than ever running for county positions," June 13, 1982