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Governor Clements' Diary for Tuesday, January 16, 1979
Letter from William Townsend to George Steffes regarding commemorative Clements inauguration publication, December 11, 1978
List of State Inaugural Committee members for Governor-elect William P. Clements, Jr., inauguration
Out-of-state suggestions for consideration of William P. Clements, Jr., inaugural invitations, undated
Letter from Ronald Reagan to William P. Clements, January 9, 1979
List of Texas Inaugural Committee members
Correspondence between Beryl Buckley Milburn and John T. Potter of Texas Legislative Council regarding Clements inauguration ceremony, December 1978
Letter from John Fonteno, Jr., to George Steffus, November 12, 1978
Remarks by Governor William P. Clements, Jr., National Press Club, Washington, D.C., February 11, 1979
Photograph of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., being sworn into office, January 20, 1987
Suggested remarks for William P. Clements, Jr., Inauguration Prayer Service, January 16, 1979
Correspondence between  William P. Clements, Jr., and Southern Methodist University professor Fred Wendorf, December 1978
Letter from Mark Hatfield to William P. Clements, Jr., December 15, 1980
Monthly Financial Report: 11-16-80 thru 12-15-80, December 22, 1980
Inaugural address of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., January 16, 1979
Picture regarding the Texas State Capitol on Inauguration day, 1987
Tentative schedule for A Day for All Texans, Governor-Elect Clements' inauguration, January 1979
Inaugural Speech of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., January 20, 1987