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Memo from Staff to David A. Dean regarding Criminal Justice Division Staff Recommendations Regarding Proposed Legislation to Establish Statewide Juvenile Probation Services in Texas, August 26, 1980
William P. Clements Jr. form letter to Brother Roloff supporters, July 12, 1979
Letters from Walter Pulliam, Research Committee, Juvenile Probation Department, 18 March 1981 and 5 February 1979
Memo From Jim Kaster to David Dean,  April 29 1980, plus memo from Jim Kaster to Willis Whatley, April 23, 1980
Letter from Ron Jackson to David Dean, June 10, 1981
Memo from Paul T. Wrotenbery to William P. Clements Jr., regarding Juvenile Probation Issue, April 24, 1980
News Release from the Office of William P. Clements, Jr. regarding Expansion of Adult Probation Commission to include juvenile probation services, March 24, 1981
Memo From: Paul T. Wrotenbery, To: William P. Clements, Subject: Juvenile Probation Issue, 17 September 1980
Press release from office of William P. Clements Jr. regarding expanding the Adult Probation Commission to include Juvenile Probation Services, March 24, 1981
Memo from David Dean to William P. Clements, Jr., regarding State Funding for Juvenile Probation Subsidies, March 4, 1981
Memo from Allen Clark to Larry Janecek, regarding Possible Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Justice System Concerns of Montegomery County, March 3, 1980
Report entitled Possible Subjects for Inclusion in the 1983 Anti-Crime Program, May 17, 1982