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Remarks prepared for Governor William P. Clements, Jr., for the Haltom Richland Annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, November 10, 1982
List of Clements' Record on Taxes and Spending, September 5, 1986
Letters from William P. Clements, Jr. to John Hill, 1978
Group of documents regarding Governor William P. Clements, Jr.'s, veto of House Bill 769, June 1981-March 1982
Remarks by Governor Bill Clements for the Texas Bankers Association Annual Convention, May 3, 1990
Correspondence between William P. Clements and Seven Alexander January 6,-March 10, 1988
Campaign press release on William P. Clements's Testimony before Special Legislative Session on Taxation, July 18, 1978
Statement of Governor Bill Clements following his Veto of Senate Bill 1, May 22, 1990
Press release concerning taxes
Letter from John Bocock to William P. Clements, August 3, 1987
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements says stand against new taxes hasn't weakened," August 19, 1986
Newspaper clipping headlined "Backers urge Clements to ease tax stance," August 18, 1986
Newspaper clipping headlined, "White calls Clements leader in raising taxes," October 15, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements: No 'secret plan,'" September 4, 1986
Memo from Jim Kaster to Selected Staff regarding legislation, June 3, 1980
Notes on Staff Meeting held May 11, 1979
Memo from Jim Kaster to William P. Clements regarding Unemployment Tax Rate, July 12, 1982
Correspondence between William P. Clements and Leon D. Allard, May 29- June 12, 1987. Leon is concerned with the 'stalemate' over the budget.
Remarks by Governor William P. Clements, Jr., at the 21st Annual County Judge and Commissioners Conference, College Station, Texas, February 8, 1979
Group of documents regarding a special session of the Texas Legislature on tax reform, July 18, 1978