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Correspondence between William P. Clements and J. Jette Campbell regarding S.B. 1190, August 7, 1989
Agenda for Energy Distribution Council Business Meeting, July 21, 1980
Memo from Nola Haerle to Tom Reed, David Dean, Mark Heckmann, and others, 8/30/78, regarding a breakfast with Reagan and Ford
Letter from Senator Bill Moore to Mr. S.A. Edmiston, April 26, 1979
Remarks of Governor Bill Clements to "El Camino Real Corridor Conference," Sponsored by the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, Austin, Texas, October 30, 1989
Appointment Letter from William P. Clements to David Dean, June 17, 1982
Correspondence between William P. Clements and Mr. Frank L. Anderson regarding school reform, 10 July 1990
Campaign Press Release Criticizing Texas Farm Worker's Union's Campaign Against "Right to Work," July 25, 1978
Draft Report: Educational Services for Adults, December 1, 1980
Form letter regarding Governor Clements statement on the hostage rescue attempt, May 12 ,1980
Letter to Joao Figueiredo, President of Brazil, from William P. Clements, December 17, 1980
Letter from Bob Bullock to Mark White, May 28, 1981
List of job descriptions of staff, September 18, 1976
Report regarding Analysis of the Governor's Veto Proclamation of June 14,1979, undated
Letter from William P. Clements Jr. to supporter Todd Butler, grade 7, October 2, 1982.
Letter and memo exchange between John Calhoun, president of Texas Oil Marketers Association and Ed Vetter, special advisor to the Governor on Energy, 1980
Newspaper clipping headlined "Clements says he's eager to 'get on with it,'" November 7, 1986
Newspaper clipping headlined "White wants compensation fund to be issue in race," August 15, 1982
Correspondence between William P. Clements, Jr. and Gail Terry regarding House Bill 72, February 19 - March 17, 1988
Appointment letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to Secretary of State, George S. Bayoud, Jr., December 15, 1989