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Memo from Bill Lauderback, to William P. Clements, Through: Edward O. Vetter and Doug Brown, regarding Todd Shipyards Nuclear Waste Storage, January 16, 1980
Letter from Wayne Thorburn to Thad Hutcheson, April 5, 1982
Group of documents regarding absentee voting in nursing homes, April 1982-May 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements promises to get White's scalp"
Letter from Daniel Rollins to William P. Clements, Jr., May 12, 1987
Appointment letter from Governor William P. Clements, Jr., to Secretary of State David A. Dean, March 10, 1982
Appointment letter from William P. Clements, Jr., to Secretary of State David Dean, October 22, 1981
Handwritten note from Chuck Mitchell to B.D. Daniel, July 24, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Dean's list an attempt to intimidate," October 15, 1982
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Democrats planning poll surveillance to prevent GOP voter harassment," October 21, 1982
Governor's controversial statement regarding Ixtoc oil spill