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Draft letter from William P. Clements Jr. to Bruce King, regarding the Agricultural committee of the Bi-national Governor's Conference, undated 1981
Draft letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to all Sheriffs, D.A.s, County Attorneys, District Judges, Court of Appeals Judges, County Court at Law Judges, Juvenile Officers, Adult Probation Officers and police officers throughout Texas, May 3, 1982
Draft letter regarding a Statement of Governor Clements' Position on Nuclear Waste Disposal, March 28, 1979
Correspondence between Deborah P. Findlay and Sandra L. Lopez, May 17 - December 21, 1988
Draft letters to state agencies requesting distribution of the letters calling for employee reduction, November 14, 1980
Letter from John Silber to William P. Clements, Jr., December 6, 1983
Draft versions of letter prepared for William P. Clements, regarding discussing Nixon's Campaign in Dallas, July 8, 1968
Correspondence between William P. Clements, Jr. and The Honorable Lee Teng-hui, President of the Republic of China and Shih-cheng Chang, Director General, January 14 -28, 1988
Letter from Governor Bill Clinton to William P. Clements, May 7, 1979
Draft letter from William P. Clements Jr. to State of Texas Board Appointee, undated
Draft letter from William P. Clements to Donald Hodel, Secretary of the Interior, June 13, 1987
Letter from Adlai E. Stevenson (United States Senate) to William P. Clements, September 21, 1973
Draft letter regarding Statement of Governor Clements' position regarding his statement at A&M university on birth control, October 9, 1979
Group of documents regarding a draft of 1982 Monitoring Report of the Governor's Task Force for Handicapped Citizens,  1982-1983
Draft Letter from William P. Clements Jr. regarding Amtrack Cutbacks, July 26, 1979
First draft of a direct mail letter from the Clements campaign
Correspondence between John M. Fisher and William P. Clements, June 1979 to November 1983
Correspondence between Helen Abrams and Deborah P. Findlay, Director of Constituent Services November 5 - 30, 1987
Correspondence between William P. Clements, Jr. and LeeAnn Zbichorski, May 8 - October 11, 1988
Draft Letter regarding Governor Clements Statement concerning the balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution, April 24, 1980