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Brief written on prison overcrowding and the unfair prison conditions
Comparison of Approvals/Denials of Paroles From Two Independent Studies By the Governor's Division of Criminal Justice and the Board of Pardons and Paroles Data Processing Division
Briefing Document: Emergency Funding, Ruiz Related Compliance, February 16, 1987
Superconducting Super Collider Project Briefing, February 6, 1987
Synopsis of Accomplishment of Task Force on Refugees
Letter from Bill Holly to David Herndon, August 12, 1982, regarding a report to the executive funding committee titled "Accomplishments of the Texas Criminal Justice System"
Analysis of Parole Approvals and Denials in the First 20 Months of the Clements' Administration March 30, 1981
Brief regarding Iranian claims of SEDCO, Inc., April 1985
Document outlining the Governor's Texas State Government Effectiveness Program
A brief titled "A National Energy Policy for the United States" by William Clements, July 1982
Letter from Richard L. Arnett to Members of the State Board of Education regarding Overview of the Fifth Circuit Decision in U.S. v. Texas (Bilingual), July 21, 1982
Press conference briefing, July 23, 1981
Brief regarding SEDCO's Chinese Joint Venture, April 1985
Press conference brief, July 30, 1981
Legal Brief: Virginia, In the Circuit Court of Arlington County, William Dillin vs. William P. Clements, Jr., Brief in Opposition to the Granting of an Appeal, July 2, 1976
Letter from Joseph Jamail to William P. Clements, March 19, 1990
Briefing memo: Task Force on North American Cooperation from William P. Clements office, undated
News conference briefing, September 17, 1981
Press Conference Briefing, October 15, 1981
Motion in Ruiz v. Estelle case, to add William P. Clements as party defendant