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Group of documents regarding the study of parole and probation, May 16-20, 1980
Governor's office for the visually handicapped, undated
Correspondence between Amos L. Carter and William P. Clements, Jr., October 21 - November 20, 1972
Memo from Kenneth M. Carr regarding Spare Parts Buy for F-111, June 6, 1973
Report titled "Undocumented Worker Guest Worker Program", undated
Remarks prepared for Governor William P. Clements, Jr., for the Haltom Richland Annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, November 10, 1982
Remarks by William P. Clements, Texas Chamber of Commerce, January 11, 1989
Letter from William P. Clements, Jr. to John McCellan, December 7, 1973
Correspondence between Lila L. Abrams and William P. Clements, August 1 to 12, 1988
Letter from William P. Clements Jr. from Richard Herrin, April 8, 1980
Memorandum by William P. Clements on efforts to combat alcohol abuse, October 28, 1981
Newspaper clipping headlined, "Clements blitzes Triangle," October 7, 1980
Memo form Jarvis Miller to William P. Clements regarding Issues at Texas Southern University, June 25, 1981
Letter from S.M. True, Jr. to William P. Clements, Jr. with reply, July-August 1986
Correspondence between Teresa Abel and William P. Clements, May 11 to 16, 1988
memo from David Dean to William P. Clements, April 7, 1980
Press release from the Office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr. regarding appointments, July 24, 1981
Letter from Rider Scott to Verne L. Speirs regarding State Response on Special Conditions for Formula Grant, August 11, 1988
Official Memorandum by William P. Clements, Jr., Governor of Texas, February 26, 1982
Letter from Jerry Yost to William P. Clements, Jr. with attached bill regarding mineral agreements, February 6, 1990