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Comparison Major Funds Estimated Expenditures, etc., 1979
Summary of Sixty-Seventh Texas Legislature regarding Thirty-Three State Universities by element of cost, all funds, July 7, 1981
Remarks prepared for Governor William P. Clements, Jr., for the Haltom Richland Annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, November 10, 1982
Bulletin on Texas State Finance by the Texas Research League, January 21, 1985
Memo from Doug Brown to William P. Clements Jr. regarding Problem Summary, May 1, 1979
Memo from Paige Massey to David Herndon, June 29, 1982
Memo from Paul Wrotenbery to William P.  Clements, May 6, 1982
Letter from Bill Presnal to William P. Clements, Jr., July 2, 1979
List of Clements' Record on Taxes and Spending, September 5, 1986
Memo from Paul T. Wrotenbery to William P. Clements regarding Proposed position for Governor Clements to take in support of Reagan cutting the federal budget, February 18, 1981
Memo from Karl Rove to George S. Bayoud and Reggie Bashar regarding Governor Mark White campaign material, July 26, 1986
Newspaper clipping headlined "Silence greets Clements' budget," Austin American-Statesman, February 23, 1979
Memos regarding Request by the TDC for Finding of Fact for Utilization of Funds Appropriated for Flexibility for Unforeseen Developments for Fulbright & Jaworski March 31, 1982
Memo from Ron Lindsey to William P. Clements, Jr., regarding Attached Memo Regarding Media Contact, May 12, 1989
News release from office of Governor William P. Clements, Jr., regarding special legislative session considering budget, June 18, 1987
Report titled "Executive Summary Transition Plan, JPTA and CDBG Programs Into Commerce", 1988
Report titled "The State Budget Outlook for 1987: An Update," November 1985
Memo from Douglas Brown to William P. Clements Jr.,  May 18, 1980
Memorandum for Deputy Secretary of Defense regarding Budget Outlay Cuts to Offset Inflation, November 12, 1974
Resolution No. 80-R-37, September 4, 1980